Repair Authorization & Direction To Pay

It is our goal at Crash Champions to make the repair process as seamless and simple as possible for our customers. In order to do so, we need to provide you with some general information and some information required by the State of Illinois. During the intake process, we will need you to also answer some questions in order to provide the appropriate level of communication throughout the repair process to insure we meet and exceed your expectations. If at any point in the repair process you feel that you are receiving too little or too much communication from Crash Champions, please let us know and we will take immediate corrective action.

* I authorize Crash Champions to estimate & repair my vehicle unless it is a total economic loss. I hereby authorize Crash Champions to act in my behalf to negotiate with my Insurance company for any and all repairs made to said vehicle and to sign any drafts or checks relating to the repair of said vehicle. I authorize my insurance carrier to pay Crash Champions directly.

* While Crash Champions makes every effort to streamline the repair process and deal directly with your insurance carrier, there are times that the insurance carrier mistakenly directs payments owed to Crash Champions to the policy holder. It is your responsibility and obligation to turn over all funds for repairs to Crash Champions. The conversion of insurance proceeds is punishable by law. I hereby agree to notify Crash Champions immediately if the insurance carrier inadvertently mails any settlement or supplement check to me in error and to present the check to Crash Champions within 24 hours. All monies, including insurance drafts; deductible payments and such are due at the time the vehicle repairs are complete. We do not accept personal checks.

* I grant permission for my vehicle to be moved to another Crash Champions location for repairs. To expedite repairs, your vehicle, in most cases, will be put on a tow truck and brought back to shop where you originally dropped off, when ready for pickup with no charges to you or the Insurance company. For transfers to shops within 20 miles your original drop-off location your vehicle may be driven to the repair facility but will be returned to your original drop of location for pickup.

* It may be necessary for Crash Champions to drive your vehicle for inspection and quality check purposes. We will make all efforts to minimize the distance driven. You hereby authorize our employees to drive your vehicle around our property and on the streets as needed.

* Once vehicle is completed and quality checked we ask that you pick up car within 24 hours or you may be responsible for rental charges. Any vehicles that are not picked up within seven (7) days of notice of completion will begin incurring storage charges at the rate then conspicuously posted at the Crash Champions location.

* Crash Champions is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in vehicles. Please take time to make the necessary arrangements to remove such items.

This form shall be retained in repairers’ records for at least 6 months or as required by state regulations. You are entitled to a price estimate for the repairs you have authorized. The repair price may be less than the estimate but shall not exceed: (1) any price limited estimate or (2) any parts or labor estimate by more than 10 percent. Additional repairs may not be performed without your consent.

You may waive your right to notification, which gives the collision repair facility the right to set the price without your permission. Your signature will indicate your selection.