MUNDELEIN, IL- Crash Champions-Mundelein is proud to announce that they have successfully completed all required training and tooling to become a Tesla Certified Auto Body Repair Facility.

Tesla vehicles are amazing and designed for safety from the ground up. The Tesla vehicle body structure incorporates the best in advanced structural aluminum casting, extrusion and stamped panel technology.  This used in combination with the latest aluminum welding and adhesive bonding technology. However, accidents can happen and the network of Tesla Approved Body Shops have been factory trained and equipped to rebuild Tesla vehicles to their original specifications for structural integrity and quality of finish.

We demand the highest standards when it comes to auto body repair from our Approved Body Shop Network through rigorous training and assessment of all the technicians that will work on your vehicle. Their aluminum welding capability is evaluated to ensure all safety critical welded joints can be guaranteed to meet our OEM specifications  along with the adhesive and mechanical jointing technology used in the construction of your Tesla vehicle. The repair of your Roadster is also fully supported by the Approved Body Shop network.

The Tesla Approved Body Shop Network is monitored and supported by Tesla Body Repair Program team personnel, working together to ensure you can continue to enjoy your Tesla vehicle.

Call us today to schedule your Tesla vehicle in for repairs!  877-846-9500