Recognized Certified Repair Facility

At Crash Champions, we are proud of our ability to repair your vehicle the right way using certified collision repair techniques and processes.

Today’s vehicles are more complex than their previous models. Our team is trained to meet the stringent demands vehicle manufacturers place when building modern cars and trucks.

From complex vehicle parts and components to advanced safety systems built in the vehicle exterior, it makes sense to rely on a certified repair partner to bring your car back to its original factory standards and refinish.

Plus, using OEM replacement parts, your original factory warranty will stay in-tact.

We simply want you to enjoy your vehicle for years to come – even after an unfortunate accident!

What Can You Expect
From A Certified Repair Facility?

You can depend on our highly trained team of auto body repair technicians. We employ only the best when it comes to repair technicians and all certified repair techs have the I-CAR Certified designation to go along with their years of experience.

They are masters of their craft and have the distinct ability to put your vehicle back together the way it looked before your accident.

Why Choose Us As Your Certified Repair Facility?

Crash Champions Chicagoland locations meet the strict standards and specifications for several automobile manufacturers.

These manufacturer certifications show that we have the proper training, equipment, and have qualified by testing to properly repair your vehicle.

Each manufacturer offers unique warranty agreements on repairs through Crash Champions that you would not receive through non-certified body shops. See the manufacturers that trust in us below!

From Ford to INFINITI and just about any car in between, our certified collision repair team of technicians can repair your damaged vehicle.

*Please refer to each location page for individual shop oem certification information.