Preventative Maintenance Guide: Paint Care

Keep your car’s new paint looking great with these preventative maintenance tips from our team

  • Do NOT wax your vehicle for the first 90 days, this allows the fresh paint to fully cure.
  • Do NOT use commercial car washes with stiff brushes or sponges, they will mar your paint.
  • Always wash your vehicle in the shade, NEVER in the sunlight
  • Wash your vehicle by hand with clean cool water and mild car wash soap. Using a sponge or clean soft cloth and rinse vehicle well.
  • Avoid parking under trees.
    1. Falling tree sap can mar the paint surface.
    2. Trees also attract birds. Bird droppings are high in acidic content that can damage the paint. Bird droppings need to be rinsed off as soon as possible.
  • Should any fluids such as gasoline, oil, diesel, transmission fluid or washer fluid spill on the paint surface, rinse off with water immediately.
  • Do NOT “Dry Wipe” dust from your vehicle. Dry wiping dust WILL scratch the paint surface.
  • Extreme weather temperatures, hot or cold, also need to be avoided. Park your vehicle in the garage or shaded area whenever possible.
  • Never use a scraper to remove snow or ice from the painted surfaces. Use a soft snow brush to remove loose snow.
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