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In our pursuit to be your collision repair provider of choice, Crash Champions is committed to investing in technology and training to meet the technological demands of the future. That means that our team is constantly evolving and innovating alongside automotive manufacturers and their training teams to provide customers and business partners the most reliable and advanced repair network in the country. 

Today, many of our high-quality repair centers are outfitted and certified to repair the most advanced electric vehicles (EVs) on the market – and that network is continuing to grow. 

We are working alongside the top manufacturers to ensure that many of our locations are equipped with the technology to address the unique repair procedures required for EVs. Meanwhile, our team has invested in state-of-the-art EV manufacturer training and certifications to ensure that our team of expert technicians are immersed in the latest procedures and methods.

Call our team or use Find a Location page to locate your nearest certified Crash Champions Collision Repair Team today. 

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